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Read testimonial from the our clients and students. Know how their paragliding experience with AntiGravity paragliding school and our team. Read more...

Clients & Testimonial

For us paragliding is more than just a business

At AntiGravity Paragliding, students come from all backgrounds and regions worldwide, ranging in age from 14 to 60 years old. We have trained more than 1000 students in the past 6 years including both men and women and we are always excited to see their faces after their first solo flight filled with joy and excitement.

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Here's what our satisfied customers had to say...

Run by highly talented pilots Sushant and Vicky, both of whom have flown extensively from a young age, have participated in several competitions and won several accolades, and have a tremendous reputation among their peers. It was easy to see why this was the case when I did a P3 course with them in December 2021. Bir is a beautiful playground for paragliding and these guys are the best in the business to teach you how to make it yours. They don't cut corners in equipment, time spent on the ground while learning the sport, or any other aspects. Similary, don't negotiate prices much, one you won't get anywhere with it. Second, you'd rather be focusing on the quality and safety aspects which are already top-notch. The support staff was also very helpful and fun-loving.

Just one tip - trust is a very important factor in this sport and hence make sure you go with an open mind. Question everything, try to understand the nitty-gritty, but make sure to absorb, imbibe and internalise what comes your way and you shall soar.
Looking forward to go back to Bir and be in the skies again.


Bottomline - Head to anti-gravity, whether it is for a tandem flight or a proper course, these guys will not disappoint, they'll make it fun and make sure you learn it in a way that you become an independent pilot. If going for a tandem, do ask that you want "acro" in your flight, no extra charges, but 10x the experience in the same duration. Happy flying!

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Achin Jindal

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Rajat Dutt

Experience of a lifetime, to overcome fear, and to fly alone trust is an important factor and when you have a trainer like Sushant who says don't worry nothing will happen till I am there you can rest assured of the amazing experience of flying solo against majestic backdrops of Dhauladhar range and Bir. These guys will make sure you give your best and give feedback on each and every run on ground training and flights which sets them apart. I had a wonderful experience that I will never forget and always recommend Antigravity and its team if you wanna dare to fly solo.

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Geet Sethi

Best paragliding school in Bir Billing. Shushant Thakur the co-owner is a very Skilled pilot & professional passionate teacher true gentleman to guide the best of his skills makes you perfect and keeps u very safe they believe in safety first. Vicky Thakur India’s no.2 Acrobatic pilot, very humble n always ready to teach you advanced skills. Rakesh bhai the landing champion makes u feel ready for landing and approaches. The team Antigravity is the most dedicated professional ready to be part of your paragliding journey.

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Harshita Bhushan

One of the most experienced Pilots Vikki and Sushant in Bir. They know their game very strongly and will make sure to give you the best flying experience and you will go home with the most fulfilling feeling ever. Along with being the best tandem pilots, they both are amazing teachers and will support you in the best possible way in the flying course! So if you want to fly tandem or learn solo paragliding, AntiGravity should be your place! Keep rocking guys. :)

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Had a great paragliding experience today! Everyone was very professional. The ride was decided on very short notice by me and they quickly came to pick me up in front of my hotel. GoPro video is included in the price and we also get landing pictures. Vicky was very professional and the paragliding ride was breathtaking. Highly recommend them !

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Stoned Jusus

Sushant and Vicky are national champions of the sport and yet their humility will amaze you. I trained with them and can absolutely vouch that they are not just responsible but also eager to teach you if you're willing to learn. Also, post-training do go and hang out with them. They are awesome storytellers and great connectors. Will see you soon!

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Sonia Bose

Had a magical experience flying (first tandem paragliding) with the Anti-gravity team. I and my friends flew with Sushant Vicky and Vijay. These folks are the best in the business and at the same time very cool and chilled out. They make you feel comfortable and give out a vibe that you are in safe hands. Highly recommended!

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Soumia Menon 

This was my first time in Bir and I had come exclusively to Paraglide, I learned about AntiGravity through YouTube videos and Google reviews. Vicky was amazing at keeping me calm and explained everything thoroughly, answered my queries, and was Fun throughout the flight! The GoPro and landing pics add to the charm...! Keep up the good work team, will surely recommend to everyone 😊

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Sneha Pagnis

One of the Best experiences that we had. My daughter and I did para gliding for the first time and the AntiGravity Paragliding team didn't let us down. Sushant and Vicky are the best in the business. Truly professional, disciplined, and highly recommended to anyone who is planning to go for this activity.

The AntiGravity Paragliding team made our first experience most memorable. Highly recommended :) 

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Ritu Mann

The expertise of Sushant and Vicky made me feel safe and supported. These two are a powerhouse of information. No question is too little or too much for them. In a sport where your life is in the hands of your pilot instructor you need to have 100% trust in them, which is what I experienced. Fully recommend them for learning solo or going tandem!

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Read a google review about AntiGravity paragliding school given by Shobhit Saxena (paragliding tranee pilot). Read more....)

Shobhit Saxena

Had an amazing experience with AntiGravity School!

The trainers, Shushant and Vicky, were not only experts in paragliding, but they were also friendly, supportive, and adaptive throughout the course. They made me feel comfortable and confident, and their guidance was invaluable during my flight.

What sets AntiGravity School apart is that they are more than just trainers - they are lifelong mentors. They truly care about their students' success and offer continued support even after the course is over.

It's clear that they are passionate about paragliding, and their expertise and championship titles are a testament to that.

I highly recommend AntiGravity School to anyone looking for a safe, fun, and unforgettable paragliding training experience!

Childhood dream of flying = Complete!

Thanks AntiGravity Paragliding School, Sushant & Vicky for making it happen.

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“Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure.”

― Drew Houston

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