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AntiGravity Paragliding|Our Clients' FAQs Section

Updated: Apr 9

In this guide, we have answered all frequently asked questions by all our students and clients before they joined us for their lifetime memorable paragliding experience.

Navigate the answer to your question through the pointers below:-

Paragliding course

Tandem paragliding fun ride

Read our real FAQs session guide and get all the answer of your quiestions regarding paragliding course and tandem paragliding joyride  with AntiGravity at Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh. Read more

Where do you offer a paragliding course in India?

We provide a paragliding course at Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh in India.

What is the price of a paragliding course in AntiGravity?

The price of paragliding courses starts from 30,000 (basic course) to 50,000 (advanced course). Explore all our paragliding courses.

What is included in the course package?

All necessary equipment for paragliding training and local transportation during the training are included in the course package. Read our complete guide for more information.

Do you provide food and accommodation during courses?

No, right now we do not provide food and accommodation during courses. We can provide you with a number of homestays, hotels, and hostels or you can check online.

Why your fees are higher than other paragliding schools?

Always remember paragliding is an extreme adventure sport and safety is our first priority. We provide top instructors and newly updated paragliding equipment which is really expensive. You should focus on safety rather than the price, your life is worth more than just 20k or 30k so you should always prefer safety over the cheap price.

What is the experience of the AntiGravity paragliding Instructor?

We have 2 master instructors (Vicky and Sushant) both of them have 15+ years of flying experience and they are the top 10 ranked pilots in India. Vicky is a master of acrobatics and Sushant is a master of cross-country and both of them represented India at various international paragliding competitions.

How safe is paragliding training with AntiGravity?

Paragliding is safe and fun if we follow all the rules and regulations, have the proper equipment, and fly in good weather and wind condition with proper knowledge. At AntiGravity, we have a record of 15 years of safe flying experience and with our 15 years of flying and weather knowledge, we train our students safely with the best equipment and proper rules and regulation. Check reviews from our ex-students.

When I can join the paragliding course in AntiGravity?

We offer paragliding courses from October to April. You can join at any time during these months based on your availability.

What is the price of the paragliding fun ride at Antigravity?

The price of a tandem paragliding fun ride at Antigravity is stars from 3,000 to 50,000 depending on the type of fun ride and flying duration. Explore all our different paragliding fun rides now.

Know about the cost of paragliding in Bir Billing with AntiGravity paragliding...

What is included in the paragliding package price?

Video, insurance, and transportation during paragliding are included in the package.

Do you provide photos of my paragliding experience?

Yes, photos are available for an extra charge of 200rs. There are photographers at the landing site who will provide you with 15 - 20 photos of your flying and landing.

How safe is paragliding with AntiGravity?

At AntiGravity, we always focus on the safety of our clients. Our pilots are highly trained, our equipment is newly updated, and we always fly in safe weather conditions to give you a safe and comfortable flying experience. Check reviews from our clients.

Read about paragliding safety and know about how safe is paragliding with AntiGravity paragliding school, also hear from our valuable clients. Read more...

Do you provide pick up and drop off at my hotel?

Yes, we provide pick-up from any hotel at Bir and drop you at the landing ground.

What is the total duration of paragliding from pick up to drop?

The process duration for paragliding takes from 2 hours to 6 hours depending on the duration of flying you choose.

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