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Popular FAQs & Answers for Bir Billing Paragliding

Updated: May 28

In this blog, we have answered all the common Bir Billing paragliding questions asked by our clients. From take-off height, price, best season, and safety to required body weight, age, and how to reach, we have covered everything.

Navigate to your answer by the following questions below:-

How much does paragliding cost in Bir Billing?

In Bir Billing, the minimum cost of paragliding is 3,000 and the maximum cost is 50,000 depending on the different variety of flying experiences you are looking for. At AntiGravity, you can explore a variety of paragliding joyrides.

Is paragliding open in Bir Billing?

Yes, paragliding is open in Bir Billing you can enjoy the freedom of flying from September 15th to July 15th. From July 16th to September 14th paragliding closed due to the rainy season.

Is Bir Billing the highest paragliding site?

Yes, Bir Billing is the second-highest paragliding site in the World and the first-highest in Asia and India.

Why is Bir Billing famous for paragliding?

Bir Billing is famous for paragliding due to the pleasant weather condition, height, and beautiful landscape which is just perfect for paragliding. Every year 500+ pilots and more than 1 lakh visitors from all around the world come to Bir to enjoy paragliding.

Can we eat before paragliding?

Yes, you can eat or drink lightly before paragliding and please avoid heavy food before 3 hours.

What is the best time to do paragliding in Bir Billing?

If you are looking for a very smooth, calm, and relaxing paragliding experience then sunset and sunrise times are just perfect. And the afternoon time is best for a long cross-country flight.

How long is paragliding in Bir Billing

15 - 20 minutes are the minimum time duration of paragliding in Bir Billing. If you want to stay longer you can fly up to 5 - 7 hours maximum depending on the weather condition.

How safe is paragliding in Bir Billing with AntiGravity?

Paragliding, is an extreme adventure sport with inherent risks, like any other adventure sport. We can only reduce risk by proper equipment, good training, and knowledge. At AntiGravity, we prioritize your safety by offering well-trained pilots, top-notch equipment, and adventure-covered insurance.

Discover how we measure and ensure your safety while paragliding, reducing risks to make your experience in Bir Billing secure and unforgettable.

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