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Paragliding Pilot Naveen Kumar S | AntiGravity.

In this blog, we had the privilege of interviewing Naveen Kumar S, a passionate paragliding pilot from India, who has undergone basic paragliding training with AntiGravity.

He took us on a journey through his exhilarating experiences, sharing the beautiful movements during his paragliding training with AntiGravity paragliding school, which allowed him to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to soar through the skies with confidence.

About Naveen Kumar R

Naveen Kumar, a beginner paraglider pilot from India, did his basic paragliding course at Antigravity Paragliding School. He shared how paragliding has opened his mind, and all his worries disappeared while gliding through the air.

Naveen successfully received comprehensive training during his Paragliding Course, which equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to take on this thrilling adventure sport.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Naveen and get a quick Q&A with him to learn more about his inspiring journey.

How did you get interested in becoming a paragliding pilot? It was my dream to fly solo and experience it.

How and where did found AntiGravity paragliding? I found AntiGravity paragliding school through Instagram.

How was your ground training experience? One-to-one engagement with pro trainers, the right gear, and good synchronization with trainers.

How was your first flying experience? Words fell short to describe such a beautiful experience, it's heaven and my soul was fully into blissful mode. Happy tears, I felt this is all my heart wanted.

How was your learning experience with Antigravity Amazing and mind-blowing experience. Felt like I am doing with my close friends. Trust was there and good syncing.

How has paragliding impacted your life? It opened up my mind. I am feeling as light as feather. All my worries disappeared. I am experiencing life in its purest form.

What is your most memorable flying experience? My first solo take-off and landing was my most memorable one. I watch the same every day no matter's beautiful.

What are your future plans with the sport? P3 and P4 paragliding courses.

Any advice or upcoming beginner paragliding pilot? No comments but, I want students shall have their flights recorded from take off as well and good video editing software to edit the same like adding some themes, give them a pen drive with all the memories would be really amazing, and an unforgettable Antigravity T-shirt.


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